Packaging Advice

Packaging Advice

From collection to delivery, we make sure your parcel is well looked after – but we need your help


On its' jouey, your parcel will be joined by thousands of others, passing across various machinery and may have other items stacked on top of it. To make sure your package arrives safe and sound, check out our hints and tips.



  • Use a cardboard box to pack your item safely
  • Choose a box that's just the right size so there's as little space as possible between the item and the side of the box
  • Use ample cushioning to protect your item
  • Make sure your item doesn't touch the side of the box
  • Seal the box securely using reinforced paper tape
  • Remove any old parcel labels.


Choosing the right box

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they are the most used and most suitable type of packaging for sending items securely. Just remember: 

  • Wooden boxes can provide solid protection; make sure the coers are well protected and the box isn't splintered
  • For heavier items, heavy-duty double-layered cardboard is ideal (and it's cheaper than wood!)
  • Avoid tubes and cylinders. These can roll around, increasing the risk of damage.

Cushioning your parcel

Make sure your item is well cushioned during transit. Here are our tips for getting it right:

  • Make sure there's a small space of around 5 cm (2 inches) between your item and the sides of the box
  • You can use all kinds of everyday materials as packaging, from crunched up newspaper and old pieces of clothing to sheets of bubble wrap. Basically, anything that's likely to absorb shock or movement in transit
  • Liquid containers need to be sealed securely to prevent leakage during transit. Wrap the container in impermeable material, surrounded by absorbent material
  • Separate any bottles or fragile items with cushioning materials to make sure they don't clatter against each other.

Sealing boxes carefully

Don't use string around the edge of the box – string can cut through the package and damage the parcel. We recommend using reinforced paper tape to seal the box with two strips that overlap the end of the box by 8 cm (3 inches). If you're using standard adhesive tape, seal the box using 6 strips.