Door-to-Door courier service gives you service right at your doorstep. You don't need to go anywhere. We will pick your parcel from your doorstep and will drop it to your destination.

Benefits of using Door-to-door Service

There are many benefits of door-to-door pick-up and delivery, such as;

  • Saving time and effort - There is no need to go anywhere and carry the shipment around.
  • Safety of Shipments - Shipments are much more secure this way. Door-to-door package delivery ensures the safety of transported goods, as these are handles by highly trained professionals.
  • Hassle free service- All transportation costs are covered - including fuel surcharge, custom fees or other expenses that may be incurred along the way. All documentation are taken care of by us.


How it works?

Pickup Charges:

There are nominal pickup charges, so that our business keep running.

  • Pickup from anywhere within UK £20 upto 30 Kg (additional Kilos will be charged with 0.55p per kilo)
  • Pickup charges from Europe will vary as per our courier partner charges.


Shipping Charges:

We provide you shipping to Gambia at unbeatable prices, below are the starting prices;





From UK to Gambia

Starts from £20

Starts from £25

From Europe to Gambia

Starts from £30

Starts from £35


*Laptop and TV will incur additional charges of £35 and £50 respectively. Mobile Phones will be charged £20 for first mobile, and £10 for each mobile afterwards. This charge is levied as a custom clearance charge.