What we do?

We ship your extra luggage at nominal charges, so that your holidays can be fun. Usually airlines allow 20 Kg + 5 Kg of luggage only. They allow to carry only 5 Kg excess luggage for £25 extra. We offer you to ship 10 Kg luggage just for £35!


How it works?

In this service we offer travellers to ship luggage ahead to Gambia, allowing them to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking & claiming luggage and going through customs. Your luggage will reach destination ahead of you.


Benefits of using Baggage Shipping Service.

1. Send luggage at very cheap price.

2. No need to carry your luggage in hand.

3. Carry whatever you want, make your holiday adventurous.

4. No more standing in queues, baggage check, clearance.